Sunday, 28 September 2008

Harquebusiers, Dragooners and Troopers of Horse

My name is Matthew Cleveland, history buff and long time devotee to the world of warfare and conflict in Europe during the 17th century. I have uploaded some ‘doodles’ for other addicts of this period (war-gamers, re-enactors and such) which I have recently created. These are my interpretations and a bit of fun really, so I am more than willing to accept any comments good or bad.

I will be adding more pictures as I create them and hope to add a few photographs of ‘cromwellian’ landmarks near where I live in northern Hertfordshire, figures by Perry Miniatures, Foundry and The Assault Group as I manage to collect and paint them.

Please visit this page again soon as I intend to add regular updates.

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