Friday, 12 December 2008

AT LAST! ECW Plastics

Oh Happy Day!

At last, a gigantic 17th Century army is within my grasp!

Lets hope that the Perry twins follow suit.

It's little things like this that will get me through this bloody recession without my wife killing me (after she finds out I've another £90 on lead miniatures).

The Devil's Whore - Channel 4 UK

In case anybody missed it 'The Devil's Whore' on C4 (UK) was a pretty good stab at an ECW drama.

Some history purists may disagree but I thought that the cinematography, characters and drama were all spot on. The thin veneer of supernatural activity was pretty good as well. In my opinion historical TV or film will always struggle to deliver an accurate history lesson when trying to also create an engaging and exciting drama. This was a pretty good stab.

One small complaint - could of had more battles.