Friday, 12 December 2008

AT LAST! ECW Plastics

Oh Happy Day!

At last, a gigantic 17th Century army is within my grasp!

Lets hope that the Perry twins follow suit.

It's little things like this that will get me through this bloody recession without my wife killing me (after she finds out I've another £90 on lead miniatures).


littlejohn said...

It figures (no pun intended...) mere months after my heavy commitment to ECW in 40mm scale they finally come out in nice inexpensive 28mm I can't go down that road,...but they sure look good! (I did bite on a couple of boxes of the Perry plastic Naps...a "scary" purchase cause I already have tried Naps in 6mm and 15mm and 20mm...!? but I couldn't resist.


old-tidders said...

Fiddlesticks ! Halfway through building my 40/42mm ECW armies and some nice chap produces these.

C'est la vie !

-- Allan


Can someone let men know if I should bring out 54mm Civil war soldiers in metal and what you'd like and what you'd want
Or should I do other sizes?